LocaNET Electronics is a repair specialist on IT components, laptops, monitors and PC hardware. We have 15 years experience in the market.

Electronic repairs

We have a specialist team of electronic repair technicians with experience to do all electronic repairs. Motherboard repairs, power supply repairs and LCD monitor repairs.

Software repairs

We repair software issues, reload windows and restore backed up data. We have vast experience in this field. We repair Apple and Windows devices.

Laptop repairs

We do LCD replacements, keyboard and touch pad replacements. We keep stock of all standard components enabling us to replace it while you wait.

Laptop spares

We keep stock of the most popular components for laptops such as chargers, batteries, LCD panels, keyboards etc.

Refurbished Laptops and PCs

We have stock of refurbished laptops PCs and monitors. We sell these machines at good prices with a  month warranty.