Software repairs

Software repairs

We have vast experience in repairing, re-installing and upgrading all versions of Windows. We have a fixed rate for installation of software. We do data migrations form your old to new PC and setup applications on O/S etc. Please note – we only load licenced Software. ┬áIf you have the original installation licence please include when booking your machine in for software repairs. Most Windows 7 Pro versions can upgrade to Win 10 free of charge.

Software sales

We sell Windows 7 and 10 as well as MS-Office. We also stock older office versions.

Apple O/S

We support Apple systems and can help you reload the machine.


We can make a clone of your old system and restore it to another drive for example if your drive is ether full or you need more speed with an SSD we use this process.

Data recovery

We are not a data recovery expert but can recover data on a faulty drive. We also have the capability for fix the electronics on a broken hard drive motherboard.